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60 Day Legal Notice

If you’re unfortunately one of the thousands of Canadians who’s homes are in foreclosure, rest assured that you’re not alone. Optimum Mortgage Solutions is here to assist you in these hard times.  We have assisted many happy clients in getting back on their feet due to unforeseen circumstances. Help us help you! It’s as simple as submitting an application


First Mortgage

Are you looking to purchase your very first home? Or maybe it’s time to upgrade to a larger, more spacious living area. Optimum Mortgage Solutions is here to help you make your dream a reality. We provide up to 75% LTV and have great rates and terms. With our quick and easy First Mortgage process you’ll be able to do your purchase. Just submit your application and make yourself a better future! Simply apply through our website and let us help you!


Second Mortgage

A second mortgage is a loan you take out against your home that has an existing mortgage. The second mortgage goes behind the first mortgage in the second position; hence the. Second mortgages Loans are used for debt consolidation, home renovations and other big purchases. Why People Choose Us? Optimum Mortgage Solutions focuses on making the loan process as simple as possible. With great rates and terms, many happy clients have been assisted with 2nd mortgages. Simply apply through our website and let us help you!


Debt Consolidation

Are your credit card payments drowning you? Do you feel like you’re paying towards your credit card debt but the principal balance isn’t getting any lower? Many Canadians struggle with credit card debt and are unable to pay it off even after making payments for many years. Optimum Mortgage Solutions is here to help you with a debt consolidation loan by offering you a first or second Private Mortgage on your property. We offer great rates and the process is simple and easy. Click Apply Now and help us help you!!


Home Renovations

If it’s time for you to get a fresh new look in your home or you’re looking to increase your property value before a sale, a Home Renovation Mortgage is the service you’re looking for. Optimum Mortgage Solution provides the service you need with a simple and easy loan process. Start the process by clicking Apply Now and our Mortgage Specialists will be happy to assist you.



Optimum Mortgage Solutions partner with Mortgage Brokers and Agents to find the best Mortgage Solutions for your client needs. Partner with us so that we can help you, help your clients. We provide First and Second Private Mortgages for those who don’t qualify for a Mortgage with the bank. Our great terms, conditions and turn around time will make us your right partner. Contact us for our great Broker compensation.